Horizons For Youth Website

Design Brief

Horizons For Youth wished for a redesign to align their website with their marketing scheme, and build a website that could be updated by their employees.

Horizons For Youth was a Pro Bono project brought in through Charles Schwab's volunteer week, and we are proud to help their cause.

Technique's Approach

The Horizons For Youth website required an in depth look at their user experience. We first sat down with them to reorganize their overall website layout. They had three sets of navigation in the header which confused their users on how to react. In our first meetings we used post-it notes to define where we wanted to guide the users and define their site architecture.

Once we had a defined user experience, Horizons handed over some of their current marketing materials. One particular brochure caught our eye, and we decided to run with the design as a building block for the website layout. In following this concept, we were able to pinpoint three key area to guide the user: Education on the Horizons Organization, Ways to Volunteer, & How to Stay Involved.

The combination of the brochure and highlighting where to direct users was used as a roadmap for the website. The rest of the problem solving was very fluid from this point forward. After some design revisions, we finalized the concept and developed the website. Using a Content Management System, Technique was able to build a website that Horizons now updates frequently to update their users on upcoming events.

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