Golf Imaging Center Website

Design Brief

Golf Imaging Center was looking for a website that both focused on all of their professional services, and also shed light on the primary four centers at the hospital.

Technique's Approach

Golf Imaging Center had a very in-depth website that displays the many clinics and centers that Golf provides. During our first meetings, we really focused on site architecture to think out all of the different pages and lay out the overall website framework. They wanted to direct their users to their women's, brain, cardio and portable diagnostic centers while also displaying the immense set of other services they provide.

The initial design phase put an emphasis on creating a homepage that showed the center, reviewed the hospital, and listed all professions. This request was difficult, but was created after being mindful of how SEO would track the website upon completion. There were a lot of revisions focusing on imagery and photography of the hospital, in hopes that people viewing the website would then be more curious to dig into what they need.

The inspiration for the website was brought to life after completing a thorough investigation of all like-minded hospitals within the Chicagoland area. After this research and final concepting, a lot of the final research was set on finding imagery that matched each particular center and specialty of Golf. There was a lot of revisions and communication with the client until we reached imagery for all areas of the website that showed their true capabilities. This was done through editing the website during development, and allowed us to develop and adapt until the client approved the functioning website.

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