Festa Parties Mobile Application

Design Brief

Festa Parties wanted to create an interactive mobile application, which was primarily for TBOX 2013 but could be used for all of their bar crawls during the year.

Technique's Approach

Festa Parties mobile application was a strictly user experience and user interaction design campaign. The owner wanted to create this application instead of his current printable game board, which people had to carry around and fill out. The new application was designed to track the bars, track the royal court, and upload photos each person discovered throughout the day.

After working with Festa Parties to determine the main focus for the user, we researched and presented a variety of ways to make the application usable. We went through rounds of analysis with the client to determine their interests and figure out the quickest way possible for users to get where they wanted. In this analysis, we found that the key to the application would be through large buttons on the home screen labeling the main pages the user needed to go to.

Once defining the main pages, we then had another series of discovery phases. The user had to be able to upload images, connect them to certain restaraunts, and share them on Facebook. We created several all-in-one components that allowed each person to take photos, share them, and then get back to the home screen. During this discovery we continued to evolve functionality per the client's requests until we reached a final solution to the design.

TBOX 2013 is over, but feel free to download the application on any mobile device. It is free to use, and has been created in wordpress so the client could continue to update news, upcoming events, and even add buttons.