C2ACT Brochure & Logos

Design Brief

C2ACT asked Technique Interactive over a series of years to create brochures and logos for their ongoing marketing campaigns.

Technique's Approach

C2ACT is a young, budding company centered on the well-being of children. Over the past few years, the company has continually come to Technique asking for marketing materials for their company. This type of project is a bit different from the website and mobile applications, but displays the breadth of knowledge that Technique Interactive can provide.

C2ACT first approached Technique in 2011 looking for a brochure for their new company. In order to reach out to children, we decided to give a very exciting and youthful design in order to attract visitors. The first brochure created had a crumpled up paper affect, with vibrant colors and many photographs of children. We did show the client a few other options, but this one stood out among others as the direction they wanted to move towards.

C2ACT has thrived ever since. With the help of the brochures, they have gained a lot of attention and have now decided to branch into creating a Summer Camp for children. Once again, we came by C2ACT's side to develop a logo concept and brochure with the summer theme in mind. After showing a few logos, including a sun and tropical beach design, C2ACT left it to the the children who voted on the sun concept... Once the logo was chosen, they loved the beach design so much that it evolved into the focal point when concepting the Summer Camp brochure.