Architectural Builders Hardware Website

Design Brief

ABH Manufacturing had the need to display the vast amount of steel products they produced through twenty years of business.

Technique's Approach

Our role within this project was strictly centered around the user experience and user interface design. When working with Architectural Builders Hardware, they wanted to put a clear emphasis on the quality of their products. We started placing attention solely on the products at ABH to allow for user involvement on any device.

The first step of our process was laying out low fidelity concepts to see how the client wanted to show their products. Once we had the client's vision and thoughts in mind, we knew that having an enlarged display of their top products and below that the product listings were important to the project. From there, Technique worked with the client on getting imagery to lay out high fidelity designs that showcased their work and created many avenues into the product pages so the user could dig deeper.

With thousands of products on hand, it was difficult to truly think out the best way to guide a user through the pages. We began researching the key areas of their business, and then created a user flow that would allow the viewer to continually discover the product they were searching for. In creating this roadmap, and designing a flow that would allow for user discovery, we were able to finalize designs that the developer could follow and easily use our product page designs to finalize the website.

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