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intelligent, stimulating, original brilliance since 2007.

technique (n): a practical method, skill, or art applied to a particular task

Research & Analysis

Collecting application data and site architecture to think out the flow of a new solution.

User Experience Design

Laying out initial wireframes in order to define clear direction and heirarchy for the user.

User Interface Design

Concepting hi fidelity ideas based on the user experience design, and the company's identity.

Front End Development

Writing out the final designed solution in order to create a working application for each brand.

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Company History

Technique Interactive was created in 2007 with a sole desire to forever learn about the minds of users, and to build great solutions. Through these rich experiences, our company has grown to have a true understanding of their clients and what they want. Our process is built on meeting you, sending you finalized concepts, and building the solution when you are happy with the design. Simple.

Through our process of research & analysis, user experience design, user interface design, and front end development we are able to visualize a complete solution. This unique experience has been built through years of working on enterprise websites, direct marketing campaigns, and custom solutions... to name a few.

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